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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Obedience as Joshua Obeyed the Lord

Acts 20:24; Joshua 1:1-18; 1 Timothy 3:1-10

Martin Luther  - need to pray 3 hours to get work done. 

Joshua respected Moses and obeyed him.  Joshua had the form of a servant.  Our Lord Jesus Christ came to earth and took the form of a servant.   Jesus obeyed His Father in heaven,  just as Joshua did under Moses.   Those who accept the authority of those placed in leadership under God's command.  Good leadership makes us want to obey if we accept his authority.   Joshua had learnt this.


- Jordan in flood
- Jericho 
- moving the nation of Israel 

Joshua made the Law of the Lord his rule.  The Law is not burdensome until Man becomes involved.   We are to meditate on God's law day and night.  People have to meditate on God's word.   Pastors, leaders cannot do this for people.  We must not neglect the ways of the Lord.   Read it, 'chew on it', teach by example. 
Do not let your own failures dishearten you.  Look at the Lord and you will get there.  We are good enough because of what God has done in Jesus.   If Jesus is not near, come back to him.  

When we are doing our duty, we have reason to be bold.  Joshua was just a man who obeyed God, was able to hold up under immense stress and suffering.   Do we claim what God has given us?

God gives us privileges; take possession.   At your possession,  all the resources of the Kingdom of God.   When we see a fight in the Church,  the winner is never the Church.   It's important to meditate on the words of God.  Take seriously the word.

There is nothing so unreasonable in this world than the walk set before you in the world.   Always be careful of becoming friends with the world. As we walk in the word,  the world will hate us.

The most difficult path is the one Jesus won on the cross.   Our path is on victory and restoration.   Our knowledge of God is not the same as knowing God.  Knowing God is relationship...a marriage. 

Joy is very special to understand.   Happiness is based on happenings.   Joy is not happiness.   

Don't get distracted-walk with the Lord.   Don't get involved in the fights of the world.   

Joshua being appointed as leader, immediately sets about the work of God.   It's not about a title that you wear,  its a title that you live.  

1 Peter 2:13-14
The people of Israel obeyed Joshua.   Today, we are to submit ourselves to authority.   God wants us to be citizens who are responsible and honest.  Joshua 1:16 - the people obeyed. 

God has a different sense if justice to Man.  We are to accept authority.   If not, God will still be God regardless.   Don't worry about people,  but what God wants us to do.   

To do:
Pray for Church Leaders;
Pray for Government at each level and those in authority over us;
Pray for each other (brothers and sisters in Christ).

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