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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Faith - In God We Trust

Bible references:  Joshua 2

The cleverness of Joshua who sent spies into the land of Canaan to observe and report. 

Caleb at the age of 80 raises an army to help take the land the Lord had promised the people.   When we don't use something God has given us, the item doesn't change,  but the value does.  When God gives you something,  use it or lose it.

Joshua had the spies in to observe Jericho.   Joshua just sent them to Jericho,  to report to him, as the general.   He wanted to protect for the good of the nation. 

This is a story about faith.  Faith in God's promises.  We've got to have the right faith in the right thing.  Faith in God and his promises.   We are to be diligent in doing this His way.

Into the city the spies went and found Rehab.  But God had been working in the city and in the life of Rahab.  That which seems to us to be accidental meetings, is God at work. 

God raised a woman to help Gods people.   James 2:25 - she did her work by faith.   Joshua had his faith in God.  Rahab had her faith in God, even above the fear of man.  Jericho knew Israel was coming.   Rahab knew God's way would be fulfilled.   The conduct of Rahab proved that she was willing to do God's work.  

Rahab is in the line of Jesus Christ. One of her descendants is King David. 

The promises made to Rahab by the spies.   Reference Psalm 111:1-2

Those who will be consciously make promises are cautious about making promises.   Rahab knew that.   She had to trust God that her family would be saved.   She had to have the scarlet cord in the window.   We are to flee to the blood of Jesus Christ.   The cord used to help the spies, was used for her own safety. 

The report the spies brought back was encouraging.   The people didn't have the courage to fight.   They had seen what God would do.   Still the people of Canaan would not yield nor repent.   Today is the day of salvation.   This chapter is an account of faith.   Jericho put their faith in themselves.   Israel put their faith in God.   Fear or faith.   Fear binds.   Faith in God liberates. 

Salvation is about faith in God to save us.   Abraham believed in God and it was credited to him as righteousness.   Joshua put his faith in God. 

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