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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Exercise Our Faith In God

Bible references:  Joshua 3 and 4
The Israelites crossed the Jordon on dry ground.   There were 12 appointments to gather a stone from the Jordon and place them where they stayed that night.  The stones were a memorial to tell what the Lord had done that day.

The people faithfully obeyed God.   Joshua led them.  He was God appointed.   He had to be about Gods business.   The people walked after the rule of the word and after the Spirit.   The Spirit gives direction,  freedom,  life.

We must be prepared to pass ways we've never passed before,  do things we've not done before. 

We are to be bold and courageous. Things can happen to us.  In the world today,  persecution is paramount.  We obey and follow God,  we are following the author and finisher of our faith.   

The people had to sanctify themselves.   Walk away from our sin, and follow the Lord.  Let the Lord deal with our sin.   Be careful not to grieve the Spirit.   Whatever place your in depend on the Lord.

God has the same power to finish the salvation of his people as he has to begin it.  God's going to make the difference in his people. 

The Jordon in flood overflowed its banks.  God turned up for his people.   Those who oppose God's people will know Gods judgement. 

- walking from 'death to life' through the Jordon;
- we put remembrance stones to remember that God turned up to help his people 
- today, we are living stones,
- like the priests, we must not grow weary while we wait,
- enjoy Gods presence with you while you wait,
- honor given to Joshua for his faith.

The people were to tell others and their children about what happened. It is the responsibility that parents are to teach their children about God.  Serious godliness is to be undertaken.   

When we step out we do this in faith.   We step out on faith to make God purposes work.   We step out in faith for the Holy Spirit to move.

The Spirit gives us life.  Paul knew the Law of the Lord.   But he didn't know Jesus.   He knew the Spirit once he met and received Jesus. 

If you choose to go through the motions, he will let you live your life this way.   As we exercise our faith,  the Spirit goes into action.   
2 Corinthians 3:6
People need life initially and continually. 
Ephesians 2:1-9
Once we walked according to the ways of the world,  but now we follow the Spirit of God.   The only remedy for spiritual death is spiritual life.   People need life continually.  If we were left to our best efforts after salvation,  we would struggle.  We would not make it.  If we live by the letter of the law we will experience death.  Jesus had to come and bring salvation because no one could get life by letter of the law. 

John 10:10
John 6 bread of life

Jesus never said he was starting a new religion. Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Acts 5:20The life that Jesus came to provide is expressed through us who are saved. 

Colossians 3:4
He didn't come to start a movement,  he came to produce life in us.  It is the Spirit who gives life.  God will make a way where there is no way.  We are to exercise our faith and put our faith in God. 

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