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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Tolerating Each Other

Bible references:  Romans 15:1-33

In following the example of Christ,  we are to tolerate one another and each other's failures. 
Christian liberty is a wonderful thing,  but its not for our pleasure but to bring glory to God. 

We are not to please men and women,  but to be servants of Jesus Christ.   He is our Lord,  our Saviour and example.   We who have trusted him are called sons and daughters of God.   We are to consider one another at all times.  We are to bear one another.   

We are not just believers but disciples, because he first loved us.

Jesus was meek, and put up with the lowly.  He stood with the weak, not Lord it over them.   As God's people,  disunity causes strife.  We should be building up people (edification).  

God did what he did,  because he loves you.  People will never agree on everything,  but we are to live in harmony.   No one is better than another,  we are to serve one one another.   

We are not to despise God's people,  the Jews.  The book of Ephesians talks about the one new man,  Jew and Gentiles together.   Christ fulfilled the promises of God.  The Church,  God's people,  not a building. 

We should be praising God and sharing the knowledge of Christ.   Praising God brings a message of hope to our nation.   We need to fully trust Christ with our lives.

Do we trust God to act in our life? 

The whole plan of redemption is to reconcile us to God.   We need to bring reconciliation.   We can come before God in complete assurance,  boldly, because He paid the price for you in Christ. 

Romans tells us who the people of God are,  they walk in the Spirit.   

Paul walked in the Spirit,  he endured hardship,  stoning, shipwreck.  Our hope is in Christ. The Holy Spirit works in our lives.

Paul is writing to house churches in Rome.  Many are extended families.   These Christians loved each other and a godly affection for each other. 

People can easily make up rules which are not God's commands. 

Justification is God's work.  Sanctification requires our cooperation.   Enjoy your walk, live it with God.  God has called us to be disciples,  not people pleasers. 

The Holy Spirit is the one who quickens our Spirit to come to Christ.   Whatever good we do is Christ in us.

Paul also talks about service to the brothers and sisters of Christ.  Saints = us.  Paul sought pleasing God, on God's business,  not our own agenda.

We should always be about doing Gods work.   We should be about wanting to see souls saved.  We pray for God's will on the earth.  God loves a person who is obedient and cheerful in giving. 

Ministry in the Church - is when we love one another,  stand together,  build up one another.   Ministry is one of the purposes God has given us to do in the Church.   We need to learn to pray for each other.   We need to pray ourselves and for each other, caring for each other. 

Families that pray together,  stay together.   They love each other. 

Read:  Romans 16
Paul lists fellow workers.   Always pray for each other,  build each other up.  God wants us to be building people up. He exhorted the people with unity, build each other up, serve those who are weak,  you are victorious,  a child of the Most High God.

Our first purpose is to Worship God.  In all we do, worship God in our daily life.  Praise God for those in your life,  pray for them. This builds the body.

If the Spirit of God is with us,  who can hurt us?

Christ chose men and women.   Women had equal standing in a culture that showed little thought to them

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