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Sunday, November 24, 2019

We Need...Restoration

Bible references: 2 Chronicles 7:14; 2 Peter 2:9
In salvation we are justified,  sanctified and glorified.  Our Nation...needs restoration. 2 Chronicles 7:14

In our nation, culturally we are becoming more and more secular,  becoming indifferent to anything Christian. 

We need healing in our culture,  business,  education,  marriage,  families,  in our nation.  Most of all we need healing in our hearts.

We have hope, God is good and he can repair anyone's life.  He wants the best for his people.   Media and those indifferent to Christ,  want to tear the country apart. 

Almost 3000 years ago, God made a promise to King Solomon.   Today,  this promise is just as relevant.  2 Chronicles 7:14.

God told Solomon and the nation of Israel for things.  Today, the Church, his people,  have the same message from God. 

Christians are an elect, peculiar,  people.   We are to humble ourselves and live the way God wants.   Pride is still our problem.   Turn and read God's word and don't listen to the media.  Pride gets in our way; we forget we need God. 

Confess your sin,  but don't go to remorse.   Confess your sin and go to repentance.  God wants to open our lives up and let the light shine in.  Hiding our sin will not help us to be humble and grow up in Christ.   

Secondly,  God wants us to pray...and refuse to give up.   Have tenacity,  don't give up praying.   How serious are we about spiritual awakening and healing in our nation?

Pray each day for our nation,  our leaders, government,  pastors,  elders,  each other.  

Thirdly,  God says, if my people will seek my face... our 'job' is what God wants us to do.   God does not want to be our profession; He wants to be our passion.   Most people just want enough of God to bless them but not big them.  

Our Churches  have to be full of people truly seeking the Lord daily.
Your 'job's description can be simply this - help people seek God intently each day.

Finally,  we are to repent. The word for repentance in Greek is Metanoia. Meta means to turn, to change – it is a flip.   Noia means mind.  Literally, repent means to change your mind, to change how you think.

We go to school to learn.   When we repent we change the way we think about God.  We change the way we think about morality (life, business,  socially).  We need healing.   We need to have healing with our past, our future.  

Repentance is where it all starts.  It starts with one person.   Me. You. It starts in us.  What you do in your life matters; to our nation,  our church nation.   If God is going to judge the nation,  He will start with his Church nation.  Healing won't happen when people who don't know God behave better.  National healing will start with God's people. 

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