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Tolga Community Church
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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Open Our Eyes and See Jesus!

Bible references:  Romans 11:1-10;  Psalm 69; Romans 4:3, Elijah 19:18

Did God reject his people?  No!
We are saved by grace, not by works.  God has kept a remnant of faithful people. 

The Psalm refers to the suffering of His servant,  the passion, and the gentiles. 

Its God who gets us saved,  not us.  God makes us good enough.  When we say no, we're telling him he's not good enough.   Pray to God, he can give you the strength,  comfort,  and perseverance to do his will. 

Sometimes people will say things about you that will be bad, but count them as suffering alongside Christ. 

The psalm tells us some of Christ's suffering.   He went through all on the cross for us.  If people persecute you because of Christ. pray for them,  they are in strife.   The jews sin was that they could not see the light and preferred darkness.   If this is what we desire, we will be given over to their own lust, passion.  God will not shut anyone out from righteousness. 

Acts 20:24 - our purpose.   Our purpose may work out differently to how Paul did.  

We should always pray for Israel and for the Church every day.  If we want to see our nation blessed, pray for God's people. 

God has dealt with our sin.  The psalmist concludes the psalm with praise.   God wants our praise from our heart. 

God will do great things for the Church who rejoice in His salvation.   Those who love his name,  will live with him forever. 

He is our great restorer.  There was a remnant of people,  who chose to believe and trust by grace that the Messiah would come.

God never gave the law to be a burden. but grace.   Either debt (bondage) or grace (freely) will be how you live.

There are many, many opportunities,  ways to testify to God's grace.   We can always do something to testify about Jesus! The alternative is going into a deep sleep,  no idea of the danger of eternal ruin.

Keep your eyes on Jesus.   As Jesus saves us, he also wants to restore us.  We don't like to be disciplined,  but it's for our own good.  God wants to restore us to live in the condition he originally created us to be.

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