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Sunday, November 17, 2019

A Wild Olive Branch Grafted In

Bible references:  Romans 11:1-36; Romans 11:11-36. NASB
Genesis 12, 15; Ephesians 3:14-21

The purpose of our being, our calling here on earth. 

Paul had a heart for his people to come back to the Lord.  The Gentiles are grafted into the olive tree.   Paul wants to see people restored to God. 

Restoring the people of God back to himself.   God made the plan of salvation; Jesus is the way to the Father.   The rejection of Israel of God has enabled us, the gentiles to be restored.   Israel will come back to God. 

Genesis 12, Abraham is our founder.  Its important in our own nation, the people of the nation will want to bless the church.  When the Church does the wrong thing,  the nation is thrown into turmoil. 

Genesis 15 - the covenant between God and Abram.  This covenant is the one we, the gentiles come under.  As Christians, we are grafted in.

Abram knew he could not keep the covenant,  God kept the covenant.   Jesus was sent to keep the covenant.  God paid the price. 

1 John 1:9 

The Jews, as a nation rejected Jesus.   But God had a plan.   The Gentiles were grafted into the tree of Gods people.   

Martin Luther read in Romans that through faith in God I am saved.  

Gentiles in our natural state, are wild by nature. God grafted us into the covenant of Abraham. Gentiles are grafted in to revive, bear  fruit.  We are witness to the Jews.   We should be humble and helpful.   When we think we can do it all,  we become religious.   We are justified by faith.  We are not here to judge Israel.   God called them to be a witness to the world.   The Church has the same call.  The foundation is Jesus Christ.  We should stand in awe of what God can do.   Always faith in what God would do.  

Through mercy,  we should seek to show mercy to another.   The book of Ephesians deals with "the one man"; Jews and Gentiles together in one sheep fold under Jesus, the Great shepherd. 

Ephesians 3:14-21 - Paul didn't know Jesus until he encountered Jesus in the Damacus Road.

Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the depths of Scripture to you as you read God's word. 

Psalm 8 - how Much God considers us. In our Natural,  wild state we complain,  we fight.  In heaven,  we will only praise!

We need to talk to people about Jesus.  We have been called to tell Israel and the world, our nation of Australia,  our community of Tolga and the Tablelands about Jesus.


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