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Sunday, October 27, 2019

What About Israel? What about us?

EXODUS 19, ROMANS 9:1-30, Ephesians 

To be indifferent to the eternal condition of other people is contrary both to the love required by the law, of God and the mercy of the Gospel. 

You are here today to be a witness of the love of God in your life.   You are not insignificant,  but worthwhile to God!

Israel was chosen and given special privileges,  but they did not do it. The children of the promise, Abraham's children.   God chose them, Israel to be his witness.  Today, out of all the world,  God chose you, God chose me.  We are His witness in this world.   To go into the fields of white and bring in the harvest.

Are we professing Christ,  or are we disciples?  Even Satan believes in Jesus,  but he is not a disciple.   Jesus is our King, He is our Saviour.   The real believer is a disciple. 

In the great commission,  we're told to make disciples, not believers. 
Eg the rain will come whether they believe in God or not.  

Israel took God's laws and started making their own regulations.  Those who walk in the Spirit who are children of God.  

We are chosen because God is sovereign.   He has the right to choose.  God is God and he will do what he will do.  Whatever God does, must be just,  because there is no higher authority. 

You are different from those who do not have Gods Spirit.   His grace alone makes us perfect.   His grace is God's own.  He can deal with His grace as he sees fit.  No one deserves God's grace.   If we are saved we must be thankful for Gods saving grace.

Sometimes God will bless one believer more than another.   It's not the blessings but what those who are blessed do with it.  God tells us we have what we need.   God is just and he has the right to fix the terms of mercy.

God will have mercy on whom He has mercy.  God displays his grace.   He had compassion on whom He has compassion. 

He will sanctify us - the preparation of the soul for eternity. 

God wants to bring people back to the glory of God.   

Sinners fit themselves for hell, but it is God who fits saints for heaven. 

In effect what the nation of Israel did was refuse their salvation.   They took God's commands which were to give them life, and turned it to curse people.   Today, we can do this is make religious acts more important than Jesus Christ. 

It is a wonder of divine power and mercy that any are saved.   We try to fix our sin, but we can't.   There is none who is right, only Jesus.  It's not how good I can deal with my sin that saves me,  it's what God can do in my life(salvation).

The gentiles don't have a problem because they don't know or care.  Introduce them to Jesus Christ. They attained a righteousness by faith.   The Jews only had to do the same.  They missed the Messiah.   Today, don't have scales on your eyes.  You don't get saved by joining Christian religion.   Put your faith in Christ.  You dont get saved by Jewish law, you get saved by faith in Christ. Abraham was saved by faith in God.

The Jews are ambitious to be the favourites of God.  They sought this in the wrong way.   They expected justification by observing the precepts of the law.  

We like to go through our struggles, instead of believing that God created us to be His. Justified,  sanctified,  righteousness comes from Jesus Christ.   Only Jesus makes us right before God.

Let us not reject the message of God.   There is a remnant of Jews who have believed in faith that Christ has come.   Let us be part of the remnant of the Church that is justified,  sanctified and righteous in Christ. 

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