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Sunday, September 15, 2019

No one can separate you from God

Bible References:  Romans 8:18-39; Revelation  3:7-13; 3:17-22

God has already blessed us; however the past couple of generations have preached that we need more blessings.

God reveals himself to us.  Since the creation of the world; the fall of Man, this hope has been in people who have looked forward to Jesus.

We speak,  however,  sometimes we need to wait.  Prayer is listening to God.

We have a clear purpose- we are all created by God, but not everyone is a child of God.  We become a child of God when we are born again in Christ Jesus.

It's about God.  No one can charge you, no one can condemn you.   No one can separate us from God. 

Revelation 3

Key:  Jesus is the way into the Kingdom of God.  To get into the Kingdom of God,  we need the right key; Jesus.   Whether you go in or stay out is up to you.  Many believers have not gone through the door to experience all God has for them. 

Revelation 3:17-22

These doors are not the doors that you open to let God in.  These are already believers in Christ.   We are to leave our own religion and allow the Holy Spirit to work in our life.  To see what the Lord wants you to do.  There's going to be trials and tribulations that Gods people will go through.

To come to the open door, and not close it.  Open the door, and go through with the Lord. Verses 18-25, the glory revealed.  Those who oppose you now, will now down before you.  You are God's sons and daughters; his representatives.

Afflictions,  trials are now for a moment; then comes glory.   We could concentrate on the suffering of this time, but creation is waiting in expectation.  We can get ourselves in a knot, anxious about things, but God is still God.   Even in this deplorable situation that is the world we live in, there is hope. 

The world cannot keep going as it is.  Read the Word!  God tells us that the world will not continue as it is now.  Sin has and is,  bringing death and separation from God.  We can only be rid of Sin in Christ Jesus! 

How Men fear in this world!  We hope in Christ!  We do need patience,  as life seems rough and long.  We need to live in God's blessings and name them.

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