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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Living The Christian Life: The Holy Spirit

Bible references:  Romans 8:25-39; 1 John

If God saves you, can you lose your salvation?

We read in Romans that nothing separates us from the love of God; those who are the called in Christ Jesus.

We all sin; they could over power us.  God, However, does not let it.

God wants everyone to know the gospel,  and to choose it.  Everyone has the opportunity to be saved in Christ and restored to God.  Not everyone chooses this. 

Sometimes, we don't know what to pray.  That's when the Lord prays for you.

The Spirit makes intercession to God for us.  We don't always have to have the words.  We need the assurances.   We have a helper,  the Holy Spirit.   God saves us by His grace; there is nothing we can do to get our salvation.   Only faith in Christ saves us.

Every thing works to good to those who are the called in Christ.  

The Holy Spirit is fitting us for heaven.  We have to choose to allow the Holy Spirit to change us.  Everyone has the call, not everyone hears and obeys the call.

When we are saved, God wants us to read His Word and allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives.

The Gospel is simple, Jesus loves you and died for you.  

Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. By Christ we are secure, walk in Him.  It's Jesus who saves us.  Don't let anyone take the Lord from you.  Allow the Holy Spirit to talk to your Spirit and allow the change in your mind to be transformed.

If you don't have Christ,  you have nothing.   The soul in Christ,  when everything is pulled away, cleaves to Christ.   When we are saved,  we leave the world and cleave to Christ.  

We have a perfect salvation; because Christ gave this to us.  No one can charge us, nor condemn us.   They cannot separate us from God

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