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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Living Life - A Spiritual Act

Bible reference:  Romans 8; Joshua 1:1-9; Joshua 14:14-21

Jesus came for you!  His act of death and resurrection frees you from judgement and sin.

Our choice?  Respond in repentance and obedience to the Lord.

How do we know who the sons of God are?  They live by the Spirit,  not the flesh.

Joshua 24:14-21

But as for me and my household; we will serve the Lord.

What is a spiritual act?

The people went down into the Jordan and coming out the other side.  A spiritual act is doing what the Lord wants.  If there is no testimony of walking with the Lord, there is no display of the Lord's presence.

The doctrinal part is the history of what God has done; protection in the desert.  How we walk through this life, even in this sinful body.

They respond to God's favor and blessing.   We want God to continually build us as we walk with him.   A willing mind,  a willing action.  God's love.  

The Father wants us to worship him in spirit and in truth.   The carnal mind cannot walk with God.  We will fail.  When we're born again,  we receive the Holy Spirit.   Joshua puts to the people about making a choice.   It's not about fulfilling the Law; it's about walking with the Lord.   Even today, we must make a decision.

Not everyone will choose to obey and walk with the Lord.  We do things the way God wants.   We must be holy, set apart for God.   Love people the way God does, not our way.  

We keep our morality in life, marriage,  business,  family,  work.  

The Israelites chose to keep the agreement like Joshua,  to keep the witness and serve the Lord.   Even we can be a faithful witness.   We don't behave like we may feel like behaving.   Love people who are unlovable.   Serve the Lord.   Don't seek validation in your work, boss, life.  Seek the validation of God.   We all have to make the choice to serve the Lord.   Through the household of God,  the Lord's table, we bear a witness that we will serve Him. 

When the people of Israel walked with the Lord under Joshua,  they were successful; when they didn't,  they were not successful.   Joshua's witness went before the people,  and they followed him.

Joshua and Caleb didn't see the giants; they saw the possibilities of what God could do in their lives.

God wants to take hold of your life, edify it, build it, lift your life.

Do what God wants in your life,  no matter the price. 

Think about:

What are we free from?
Do we live by the Spirit?
Do we walk with the Lord in genuineness?

An un-spiritual act?  When we don't walk in unity together as God's people.

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