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Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Religious Man

Bible reference:  Acts 20:24; Romans 2:17-29

The Religious Man

We are called to the ministry of reconciliation.   We will do it differently.   God gifts us in different ways.   God likes unity, not uniformity.

Romans 2:17-29

Paul is a very good example of a religious man.  Until he got to know Jesus,  then he understood the Gospel.   Religious people know the law, 10 commandments; instruction in the Law and God's rules for living.   They claim to be a teacher of children,  instruct the foolish,  help the blind. 

But they do the very things they preach against. They break the Law.  You can be circumcised physically,  but unless you heart is right  it's of no value.

They must refuse to apply Scripture in their own lives, but instruct in other people's lives.

Who has a "special " relationship with God?  We don't just accept God, there must be a life transformation.

Romans 3:1-26

We all fall short,  no one is worthy.   We can all fall into the trap of being religious.  

Jesus met Paul on the road to Damascus.   We can meet Jesus,  but we need to develop our relationship with God.  God will have an impact on your life.

Romans 3:19-26

Each and every one deserves to have God's anger thrown on us.  The whole world is guilty before God.  The way to be right before God is not by trying to keep the Law.  The Law shows us we fall short.

V 22 - God declares you right before Him through faith in Christ Jesus.

V24 - God gifts us with redemption through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.   You cannot earn salvation.   It's a free gift from God.

V25 - Jesus Christ paid our sin through faith.   You can't sort your sin out.  Jesus paid for your sin in the cross.   God wants us to live our life He purposed us for.

Abraham- Genesis 12.

Through Abraham all nations of the world will be blessed.   God then enters into a covenant with Abraham.

God is never away from you; you move yourself away from him.   We are not to 'flog' ourselves,  but to come quickly to him in repentance.

There is purpose in why you are here.  God is a god of justice.   He wants a debt paid.  Jesus did your time.  It's paid for. He punished all sin when He punished Jesus.

We need to get the picture God has for us.  Who we are.  How much God loves you and cares for you.  

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