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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Living the Christian Life (Education)

Bible reference: Romans 2

Some people don't have a formal education,  yet they can learn.

Some people receive an education. 

Education or no education; we can't escape God's judgment.   We all need God's mercy,  regardless of our education.   God does not show favoritism.  

The person who is educated,  can learn from nature as well.  He knows that there is a God with intelligence.   Many educated people try to reason out life.  They are challenged by answered prayer.  Sometimes you can't reason with intellectual reasoning.   The intellectual person knows there is a judgment,  he also knows God is merciful and compassionate.  He will try and find a way of escape.

We must have God who is just.  If not, then there will be no repentance or paying the price to make the unjust act right.  The price had to be paid. 

We are not to walk in another's pain.   We are to be compassionate but not take the hurt or pain on.  God calls us to love one another and care for others.   Without turning to Jesus,  repent,  to say to him; I want you to be Lord of my life.  Let Jesus take the steering wheel of our life.

The world we live in, knows we as a Church have helped people.   But we have failed to bring people to Jesus.  We can't sort our sin out.  Only Jesus Christ can redeem us.  Education cannot sort out our sin. 

There is a right and wrong.   We are  broken people in need of a Saviour.  We need Jesus Christ to be our saviour.  We can live in a place of anguish or live in glory and honour.

God will judge according to the true moral of a person.

God wants to see a heart turned to God. 

Either you are with Jesus; or you are not.

Romans 2:11

God respects those who obey Him.  God is no respecter of man's appointments.  God does not show favoritism.  He wants you because He sees your heart.

Acts 10:34
Book of Ephesians (taking down the barrier wall)

Being educated is not wrong.   But being educated does not mean you are better than someone who is not. 

God saves you according to the state and disposition of your heart.

Colossians 3:11

As a Christian,  the greatest thing we can do is to be a walking Gospel.   Trust Jesus.   He's our hope, he's our Saviour.

There is no condition,  no circumstance that God can't save you from.  Holy is putting your life aside for God.  When people open their heart to God, they can be saved.

Education won't save us.  With Christ all things are possible.

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