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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Speaking Out The Word of God

Bible reference:  Luke 4:1-21

Last week we spoke about hearing the Word.  This week we will talk about preaching, speaking the Word of God.

Preaching the gospel that Jesus Christ preached.   Unfortunately,  some of the teachings of Jesus has not always been preached accurately.   The Gospel that Jesus taught has been purposefully perverted.   People will say he preached a gospel of grace or salvation.   Both are correct but not complete.

Mark 1:14-15 - the kingdom of God is at hand and to repent.   Without repentance there will be no redemption from Sin.  Jesus's message was bigger than grace and salvation.   His message is about the reign,  rule, dominion of God the Father and of the Son.

It is about the filling of the Holy spirit into each one saved.  John 14
- we are not left as orphans. 

The Gospel is more than grace or salvation; it's about the whole person.

The term 'kingdom of grace ' nor 'Gospel of grace ' appear in Bible.  

The Gospel must have something to do in the kingdom of God.   The Gospel is about faith,  grace,  redemption,  justification,  sanctification; its about the whole of God's kingdom.

We are saved for purpose  - to build his kingdom.   It's not just one part.  The word Gospel - old English word meaning good news, good tidings.   The word Gospel is Good News.

Christ proclaimed the kingdom of God.   Why did Jesus have to announce about God's dominion?  God created the world,  but since Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden,  God had to do something about man's sin. 

Isaiah 59:2. Our sins are the road block between God and Man.  Man's banishment from Gods sight  has caused the destruction we live in.  

2 Corinthians 4:3-4

The devil has managed to deceive the whole world.   When we draw the Gospel down to just grace and peace,  we miss out on so much.
Jesus had to overcome the temptation in the desert from the devil, without sinning.

Luke 4:18-19 - preach the good news to the spiritually poor people of this world whom the devil has deceived.   As we see Gods view, we realize that our view is different to the world's view.

Leviticus 25  - Year of Jubilee. A type of Christ 1000 year reign.
Revelation 7:1-6
Matthew 22
John 6

As God's people we are justified,  sanctified, walk a lifelong transformation to become like Christ.   God wants to see mature Christians who can stand up in this world.  They are the bride of Christ.

Revelation 19:7-9

God has called you to be a lot more than just saved. 

We look at humanity differently to God.  God sees us as a kingdom of priests.  Do we have a God view of people?  Be about building the kingdom of God.

When do you enter the kingdom of God?  When you are part of the kingdom?  From the moment you repent and confess and believe in faith.

God will take your life and transform your life.  He chose you!  You are important to God.

Are you going to fall over?  Yes.  Failure is never fatal.   What is fatal is not getting up again.  God doesn't give you something for the sake of giving something.   He will purpose you to build his kingdom.

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