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Tolga Community Church
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Sunday, June 9, 2019


Hebrews 20:21.

Read full story of Moses.

Being Sent To Preach

You are created to go and all to be saved and all to know the Truth.   Jesus came to earth for all.

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Jesus comes and meets with you and speaks with you personally.  He reveals himself personally to each of us.

He reveals who he is to us.  You move from being a creation of God to being a child of God.   God is God and will reveal himself.   He reveals what we are able to do and what we will do.  The journey ahead is like a moulding.  God doesn't just want you saved by grace but he wants to mold you. 

Ephesians 2:10

God calls you to be a priest.
A Priest is like a bridge builder. We're to help build the road across the gulf to show people Jesus.

Jesus teaches us to be fishers of men.  The disciples entered into a molding process.   They left all behind and followed Jesus.   You cannot walk with Jesus Christ without leaving everything.

In the molding process,  the servant is purified gold.  Sometimes the process takes a little while,  sometimes a lifetime.   We are to preach the Gospel with power.  Obedience is non optional.

We are not to live please ones-self is ultimate disobedience to God.  Disobedience and rebellion may take a long time.   In the nation,  the church does well doing good works in their own strength.   It fails.  We see lots of wounded Christians.  We need the weaponry of Jesus Christ to do His work.

Matthew 20:16 - for many are called,  but few are chosen.   If this is left out, the church is passive.  But Jesus is anything but passive.

Our part of being chosen,  is to be obedient.   Being more clever than others is not a qualification to preach.  

Acts 1:8

Examples:  Paul  - 3 years in training;
Moses - started his calling at 80 years old.

Preparation is so important.   Jesus doesn't send his people out without the weaponry.  

Presenting the Gospel is a serious business.   The disciples were called but not sent until after Jesus's ascension.   Three years it took.

Jesus will equip you.   If Jesus has not equipped you, be careful.  When we have the power of the Holy spirit, signs and miracles will follow.  Mark 16

You will have hsrdship and opposition.   Power is not to show off signs and miracles,  it is for our protection.

Though you have been sent, wait for the power (Holy Spirit).  We are not to be voted in or appointed by Man; we are called and annointed by God.

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