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Tolga Community Church
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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Being Right With God

Bible reference:  Acts 20:24

Paul's commission in life.   The task of testifying to the Gospel of grace.

We are to lead people to where they can meet God; we can't change them.  We lead them, and the Holy Spirit dies the work.


In our country,  this explains much of what is happening in our nation.  The failure of our nation will not be without, but from within.

Simple man - ordinary man.  Uneducated man.  From nature, he can see there is a supreme intelligence.  

Today,  we are taught that there was a large explosion that caused our world into existence???!

Yet man will reject the truth that God created the world and dream up something entirely different.

When you give your heart to God, he no longer sees you as a sinner.   You may sin, but under God's grace,  we are saved.  Not by any of our good works,  but by His grace.

Reference:  Romans 3:23

The sinfulness of man - not acknowledging the supreme intelligence of God; there is a surprise ability to care for and keep the world in care.

God takes care of the seasons and the order. Man does not.  When we get away from God,  we become ignorant.  Being ignorant is no defense.   When we do not follow God but follow the images of animals,  birds, people - that is idolatry.  Following after idols, brings confusion.  

If you want to change your way?  Follow God and obey Him.  People change the glory of God and make idols of creatures and God will give then up to their evil desires.   God will give then up to perversion / give then up to their evil desires.  

He who loves evil hates the light.   Confession is light bringing everything to the light.  We prefer to not have our deeds and thoughts to the light.   We cannot be brought to a greater slavery than to be a slave in prison to their own lust.  Pray for them.  They need  release.

The great release?  Romans 8:1-4

As a Christian, the first purpose in life is to worship God.

Not being educated is NO excuse for not knowing God.

Isaiah 53:4-9 & Isaiah 44

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