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Sunday, May 12, 2019

You Are To Be One Who Heralds the Good News

Bible reference: Habbakuk 2:1-4; Romans 10:1-21

God has called each of us to be a heralder.  We are to speak out and tell people about Jesus.

We need to watch the temptation of being impatient.   People want more things and the salvation through Jesus is not enough for them.

God will not disappoint the believing expectation of the one who follows him.  Don't be worried with future or doubts.  Observe what God is doing.   God will not disappoint.   The broken humble sinner to take an interest in their salvation.

The walks and the works we do are a faith walk.  Some will walk and some will fall away.   God wants your heart.  Don't fall away. 

The heralding of the word has fallen away.  The church is losing because people don't know Jesus.  We can run programs,  feed the poor  and these are good.  Only those full of faith shall know joy.

Roman's 10:1-21

Sometimes we can be like Romans 10:21.  The relevance of this text is important to show how you came to be saved.  We cannot be the savers.  We are heralders.  Israel is to be made jealous for salvation, by the gentiles coming to faith in Jesus.   God is not finished with Israel,  he's just started,  and your part of it.

Salvation is not about a church denomination.   First and foremost,  we are a Christian.   Not an Australian Christian,  we are a Christian,  part of God's kingdom.

Anything that replaces what God wants is a high place in our life.  We can make our church a high place that replaces God.   A policeman talks about the letter of the law when he finds you.  Jesus talks about the spirit of the law.  When you follow the law of the word,  you will miss the spirit.   God still sends messengers.  Sometimes we don't want to hear what God wants to tell us.

How wonderful is the coming of the one who brings Good news. Joel 2:32 - calling out to Jesus.   We call out to Jesus, who comes and saves us.

Today, the  church is the most persecuted group.  Yet it continues to grow.   Jesus died upon the cross,  but he lives!

2 Corinthians 3:17

Living by rules and regulations has a deadening effect on people's lives.   That's what the Pharisees tried to do with Israel.   Jesus brought a different message to Israel.   As Jesus the son of God humbly served the Father,  the Holy spirit empowered him to heal people.

Having been set free from sin, we become 'slaves ' of righteousness.   We either serve sin or righteousness.   Jesus wants to save us from self-striving.  Our life should be liberating - you want to be with God.

Roman's 8:2 We are free from our sin.  Keep that liberation.  Our fleshly human resources are not adequate to keep us.  Spiritual deadness - no life.

God gives liberation.

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