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Tolga Community Church
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Sunday, May 19, 2019

God's People - Those Who Call Upon The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

Bible reference:  Romans 10:14-17

God has a saving plan for this world and part of that plan is His people.

We need to see God's creation,  instead of the brokenness.   We communicate with you each day.   We grow, planted and watered in the Word.  That we keep a clear passage open to hear Your Word, not the voices of the world.

Who are the preachers? All God's people.   Shepherd's look after the sheep.   Sheep breed sheep.   It's not up to one person to preach,  it's up to all God's people.

Isaiah 52:7 - reference to Roman's reading.

We are to tell people about Jesus Christ,  our Lord and Saviour.   The bringers of good news are precious.   The most persecuted group of people in the world today are Christians.  

The biblical sense of  beautiful feet is not a Barbie doll look.  Feet are scarred, worn, tired, that bring the good news.   Bringers of the good news are precious people.   People of whom the world is not worthy. 

Paul and Margaret Brand - missionaries. Paul's mother was a missionary.

God has called people to send out.  If Church was taken out of Australia,  so much help would cease.   If Jesus isn't in what we do, then they won't get saved.

We keep preaching the message that Jesus Christ saves.  The preacher has to preach so people can hear it.  They must believe.   If they choose not to believe after a time of preaching,  dust your feet and move on.

Roman's 10:16-17 faith comes from hearing,  the word of Christ.   Paul preached all through Romans.  Romans 10:9.

Roman's 10:13 - everyone who calls on the name of the Lord Jesus will be saved.   Jesus wants to know you and love you.   Calling on the Lord - if we don't repent we will repeat our sin.  We repent by turning to Jesus, otherwise we will continue to repeat our sin.   It's not just confession,  but repentance.   The Lord will do the work in you. 

Roman's 8:28

He is the overcomer of our sins, mental health,  health,  daily life's troubles. Jesus came for those who need help.

Mark 10:46-52 do we actually have the faith in Jesus like Bartamaeus? The evidence of our faith.

Psalm 18:3 - take our troubles to the lord.

Psalm 15
Psalm 91:15

God's salvation is total salvation of your being.  Sanctification,  edification.   God wants to be part of your life,  daily, intimately.

Let's turn to God.

1 Corinthians 1:2 - the church of God. A Christian is one who calls upon the name of the Lord Jesus!

Prayer points:

Pray that the love of God is shown in the world.

These are exciting times for God's people to bring the message of the Word to the world.

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