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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Read The Word!

Bible References: Acts 14:21-22;Acts 20:32; Jude 1:3.

We find the word of grace by reading God's Word.  The Word is the Word of Life (Holy Bible). The Lord desires us to continue to grow with Him, continue with Him, Read the Word.   We were created in God's image.  When we read God's Word,  we get the real picture.   God keeps us in His grace.  

One vital aspect of the process is to continue to read the Word.   Continue in the Faith - revealed truth of God. 
Saints- Those who are born again in Christ Jesus!  Faith - Word of God!  We're putting our faith in Jesus; in what God has to say.  We are built up in The Word of God.   Jesus dealt with all our sin; we deal in victory.

Paul entrusted the Ephesian elders to care for the Word of God.   God extended his grace to us to be saved.  Grace flows from the word of God.   It's the Lord's undeserved riches poured out in justification; sanctification,  edification.

We learn from the Word our great need for grace.   We access glory through our humble dependence on God.  We completely depend on God to bring us through.   I can't do it.  Pastors can't do it.   We must continue in the Word of His grace.  Daily, prayerfully,  study it.  We study to build ourselves up so we can help others.  

We will want to be in the Word so we can to KNOW  Jesus.

Ezekiel 3:18 - when we don't read God's Word right, we don't realise we have a responsibility to tell others so that they can hear the Gospel.  All Christians need to read God's Word and do what it says. There are consequences for our inaction. 
1 Corinthians 9:16 - Your mission is not optional.   Part of what we do is to tell the world about Jesus!  It's not as an option.  

Romans 1:16 - The Good news has the power to save those who believe.
In the past you were without Christ,  no hope, no future,  but with Christ, peace.

Roman's 1:14 - my God is greater than all those gods.  Paul doesn't want us to run the race to miss out; we are part of the winning team.

2 Corinthians 5
Jesus is the only one who can save.
Acts 4:12; Roman's 10:13-14.

When the Good news is preached to all the world,  then the end will come.
Acts 1:6-11: commission.  We are to be His witnesses and to go out into all the world! When Jesus comes back He comes as the Victor!

God has called us to be the people in the Community who is the difference.   He started with 12; now there are millions. 

How do you think God feels if we don't spend time with Him each day?

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