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Sunday, December 16, 2018

How We Walk Matters

Bible Reference:  1 Peter 5:10; Ephesians 1:6

Living in a land like Australia,  we have a pretty good life.  We don't experience suffering as other countries have.  Each day Praise God.   Sing praise,  speak praise together or when you are alone.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.   The spirit of grace.  Christianity is not a religion,  it's a way of life.   God loves us and forgives us.  He wants us to overcome sin and live with Him.  If we want to find this grace, we must relate rightly to the God of grace.  He created us to live with and in us.  Developing a personal relationship with God.

John 17:3 - eternal life.   Developing a personal relationship with God.   It's about knowing God not just knowing about Him.  Like marriage,  get to know each other more.  Time and communication.   Knowing the Lord is our greatest treasure.  Everything else that competes is considered a loss.
Philippians 3:7-8

Getting increasingly acquainted with the Lord increases our relationship with him.

2 Peter 1:2
Two strategic,  rational realities:  humility and faith.  Jesus was faithful to everything that the Father wanted.  He was humble and came to earth from heaven.

1 Peter 5:5
God's grace is given to those who walk humily with your God. When you walk in humility and serving, when you get old you can walk with respect.   Proudness will leave you in a mess.

How we walk matters.  For example we look at the centoph where we hold ANZAC ceremonies we are reminded of the sacrifice our soldiers have made and still make.  1 Peter 2:3-11.  We are a living stone,  that is to show people the story of God.  When Israel had memorable events happen, they put up stones to remind them of the stories that happened on their lives.   If a nation wants to take God out of the nation, remove the Christians.
We are to lay the foundation - that is Christ Jesus!  To us, He is precious,  but to those who reject him, they hate him.

How We Live, walk, and act matters.   God gives each of us a mission in life - to show the world is Jesus!  When I get to Heaven will there be people in heaven because I obeyed him instead of doing the worldly things.

The Message of restored relationships.
Our ministry?  Reconciliation.   Bringing people back to being restored to God   That's how we change our nation.  2 Corinthians 5. Am I prepared to be a living stone for Jesus.   2 Chronicles 6:9

Are we fully committed to the Lord?  Psalm 96:2.  Seek first God's Kingdom.  We do what God wants- we love him when he gives, we love him when he takes. 

Acts 13:6 - David  served God's purpose in his own generation.  Psalm 51 is David's psalm of repentance.   Keep yourself pure, walk with the Lord.   The more you walk with the Lord, the more you will be ready to do what the Lord calls you to.

Acts 20:24 - we are to be in the race of life to complete it and win.  To testify to the gospel of God's grace.

We are to be a living stone.   Jesus was a living stone; rejected by people as worthless,  but precious to God.  We are precious to God.   God will make a way for you to do what he calls you to do.

God sees you - precious child whom He loves.  He is fitting you ready for heaven.

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