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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Guard what has been entrusted to your care - How to be a worker in God's Family

Bible References:  1 Timothy 6:11-21
First of all,  Paul tells Timothy to be a man of God.
Keep away from things that are evil. ( 1 Timothy 6:11) The way to get away from the things that are evil, you need to do the opposite and go to where you can do good)
Example:  1 Kings 17
Stay away from the love of money. Money in itself is not evil; the love of money is.  1 Timothy 6.  Idolatry - keep away from making something an idol.  Isaiah 44:13-17. A man went out and chopped a tree.  Half if it he burnt for warmth, and the other half he made an idol.
God has given us, his people the morality of God.  When we don't show this, it creates confusion.  Children aren't treasured and looked after, women aren't treasured and respected as they should be.   Confusion and disunity come into the church. 
You are salt and light to the World around.  People will know you, not by what we say, but by what we do.  Don't make a mockery of God.
Intimate relations (sex) outside of  marriage causes a breakdown in relationships, in the church,  in families.
God is a God of righteousness and justice.  He will bring discipline to his people first.  Young and old should be respected.  
Paul made Timothy an elder as a young man.  Sometimes we have strict rules and regulations,  God doesn't.
2 Corinthians 5:9; Colossians 1:9; Galatians 5:22-23
We make it our goal everyday to please Jesus.  God's people should be the most faithful. 
We should never be abusive.  We should be kind, loving, gentle.  We are to be different so that people can see Jesus. We live in a world that is foreign to God's way.  We live in a spiritual war - a war for your soul; your spirit; you!  It's your choice.
Take hold of eternal life.   Eternal life starts the moment we accept Jesus Christ.   We follow Jesus, the Good Shepherd.  We have been given to Jesus.  We need to take hold of God's promises.
We need to Know Jesus.  Know about Him and know him.  Spend time with him.  Have confidence in The Word.   Have fellowship with God.  
Fellowship with believers.   It's not an option.   We are to spend time with God's people.   God tells us to love one another.   When the church doesn't love each other, it confuses the World and the world doesn't want to be part of God's Family.   God wants us to be disciples.  He will always be with us. Teach, basptise people, be in fellowship.
  Christ's death freed us from the payment of death. He wants us to guard the truth of the Gospel.  1 Timothy 6:20
Knowledge for sake of knowledge is not of God.  God wants us to know each other; not about each other.   It's called fellowship.   God wants us to guard the ministry of reconciliation.   The day you accepted Jesus you were qualified.   2 Corinthians 5:18. You are reconciled to God, teach others.  God makes his appeal to the World around us,  through us to the World. We are God's friend.  This is the message Paul was giving to Timothy.  Remember the reconciliation with God.  Love as God does.  For us, love as Jesus loves us.

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