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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Living In God's Family - Eldership

Bible references:Timothy 5:17-25; 6:1-2; Acts 20:28
We are to remember that God gives us our leaders.  God appoints leaders.  A lot of times people think Leaders, Pastors, elders do all the talking and telling them what to do.  It is Jesus Christ who makes us right,  not the leadership.

We live today with wolves in sheep's clothing.   Remember the message of God's great kindness.   Leadership in the church are to be honoured and respected.   What we do affects the body.  We need to build up-Edify.

Elders should be people who oversee.  Set people free so they can minister.
Hebrews 13:17 Show respect, when we make our leaders sad, It's hard on them.

Anyone who plies and reaps, should do the work in the hope that they get a share  - harvest.   Eldership helps people to plant seed.  We are to prepare the ground.  We do this to plant a crop to see a harvest.

1 Timothy 5:13 - Accusations against elders.   You are required to have two witnesses.  The principle should be in the church.  Accusers who do not have witnesses should be quiet. Cross reference:   Deut 19:15

We are to be very careful in choosing elders.   People who are doing the role should be appointed.   We are not to be in a hurry to lay hands on people; there needs to be fruit.  How they run their family matters.   Those in eldership will be overseeing the Church.

Nehemiah had to go back to serve the king (foodtasters/cupbearer).  When you are trying to get something going for helping someone, the devil puts something in the way.  Tobiah made things fall to pieces.   When Nehemiah gets back and finds everything in shambles.   Nehemiah threw out the problem and restored the temple. 

We need good solid leadership in the church.  A church falls apart when the enemy sneaks in.

You let something come in that is destructive; it takes lots of work to clean up the mess.   We must see in leadership what God wants for people; not what greed wants.

Abraham went on and done great things; Lot did things that caused chaos, hurt. (Ammonites, Moabites)

Pray for your brothers and sisters-Book of Philemon.(NT)

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