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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Quarrelling Over Possessions

Bible References:  Genesis 13:1-18; Genesis 14; Genesis 15

We are not to quarrel over possessions.

Jesus is the Lord of the nation's Psalm 2
The nation's of the world will give Jesus account for their actions. 

We can't just do what we think.  We are accountable.  You can sound good; have good works but if you are not saved in Christ Jesus, you have missed out on your life; purpose and salvation. 
In Genesis 13,  Lot sees the beautiful, fertile land near Sodom and Gormorrah.  This was where the cities of immorality and perversion stood.  Lot saw this and wanted it.  

However, Abram obeys God.  He travels to sacred tree's at Mamre. He builds an altar  and worships God.

In Romans 4:3, Abraham was considered righteous.  If you put your faith and trust in God you will live right. 

Psalm 1 tells of a righteous man. Both Abraham and Lot started out the same; but one stood in streams of righteousness; one in the mire of wordly living.  God gave the land to Abraham- promised by God.
In Genesis chapter 14, we read that Abraham rescued Lot.  Abram put his eyes to the things of God; not the things of the world. 

If you have an issue with God's Salvation plan, take it up with God.   Jesus gives a sacrifice; once and for all.  

Abraham gives a tenth of everything; but to Berah, Abraham gives nothing not takes anything.  We do not take from the world so that the world can't say they 'made us.  Our inheritance is heaven, all of it.  In the world we care out a niche.

We read about Melchizdek in chapter 14.  He brings out bread and wine before Abram.  Jesus is a High Priest in the order of Melchizdek; not the order of Aaron.

In Genesis chapter 15, God made a covenant with Abraham.   Abraham knew he couldn't fulfil the covenant.   But God stood in Abraham's place.   The promise, when we give our hearts to Jesus Christ, we become part of the lineage and children of God.   We are to keep ourselves in God's banner(protection).  Psalm 84:11
Do you notice that after Victory comes testing. The enemy will try to separate God's people. Remember Elijah and the prophets of Baal?  Jezebel threatened Elijah and he went and his just after he had won a great victory! 

Even today, Abraham is a name that people know.   God keeps his promise and Abraham has a son-the son of promise.  

The story of two men - one reached his potential and became a nation; one became mesmerised with the world and lost his way.  Lot became attracted by 'the lights of the world' and lost everything.   But Abraham trusted the Lord and became a nation; credited to him as righteous. 

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