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Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Lord's Supper

The Lord's supper is a symbol of the past; what's happening now and what he is doing in our future.

God dearly loves you to spend time with Him.  He doesn't want us to spend time with Him.  Parents and Grandparents love to get to know their children.

Luke 22:19

When we participate in the Lord's supper we each eat a small piece of bread.

Luke 22:20

Whenwe drink a small amount of wine (or grape juice) it represents the bloof of Jesus Christ.

OT - blood only covers sin.
NT - blood washes away sin.

Hebrews 9

God calls us to be a people of greatness in this world.  The bigger picture is that the death of Jesus Christ on the cross provides a way for the  remission of our sins.
The death of Jesus Christ is a tremendous gift to us.   It is so precious.  When God gives us a gift and we don't use it; it hurts him.  He wants us to receive the gift of Jesus Christ's death on the cross.

The communion meal is a memorial of Jesus' death but it is not a funeral.  Death could only hold him 3 days.   Death cannot keep us; we will live with Jesus those who belong to him.  Jesus Christ has won victory over sin and death.  The wages of sin is death but Jesus has won the victory.

Communion is a celebration not a funeral.   A time of victory!

The Israelites look back at Passover and they became a nation.  Even today  they look at Passover and know they are the people of God. Communion is where we look back at the events surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection and it's our defining moment.  The Lords supper is a memorial of the defining moment.

The Church has had some dark times throughout history.  But Jesus Christ has been constant.  Once people know Him; he can't be taken away.
Even though we will die; we live!

Galations 2:20 - this is why people tell others about Jesus Christ!

Romans 6:4 - we have to die in order to live.  A seed must die in order to bring new life.   People in Australia need to see the Church do this.

Ephesians 2:6 - we live in the resurrected life.

Communion is a picture of a spiritual reality.  Jesus proclaims himself as the bread of life.   John 6.  Our spiritual food is Jesus Christ.   Be mindful that true life can only be with him.   As we surrender our lives to Jesus, He cleans up our 'closet' where we've hidden our sins.  We should be mindful of the great meaning of communion.  We live in a world of sin.  The only way to get right is Jesus Christ.

God doesn't like us to not help the oppressed or the widow or orphan.  He doesn't want us to put down these.
God wants us to think highly of each other - edify not put down. How are we treating one another?  All in our differences the Lord wants us to be united, together.  

Those who oppose His people need us to pray for them.  They are in peril.  One day God will judge. Eg Sodom and Gomorrah

At last supper Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.   The Christian life is about serving and being served.

Matthew 26; Luke 22

Jesus is coming back!   There will be a great wedding celebration when Jesus Christ returns.  We are in rehearsal.

Jesus Christ is coming back as King of kings and Lord of lords, with his army. 

The Lord's Supper is rich in meaning.

Throughout centuries, it has been there.   Wesley is an example as he prepared to speak.

Get to know Jesus Christ; he will change your life!

We are the bridge builders to tell others about Jesus Christ.   We don't have to build our lives on happenings but peace and joy and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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