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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Jesus Paid The Price

Jesus is the Lord of our lives.   The cross represents the price paid, forgiveness.   Jesus had to die.  On the cross Jesus was left naked, beaten, horrendous sight.  No death was more scandalous.  Blood poured from the flesh torn.  The effect of the scouring in Pilates palace was dreadful.  Before the cross, he went to the garden to pray to His Father this was before the torture.

By the time he died on the cross, it was finished.  Jesus experienced the shame, degridation on the cross.

Isaiah 52:14
Isaiah 53:2
Isaiah 53:3-12

When someone is under a struggle we point and say they must have done something wrong, even when they did not.

Jesus was bruised, suffered, whipped; yet on the cross he completed the work of the cross.

Jesus has paid the price.  To think you are not good enough for God; is to not understand how important you are to God.

We cannot understand how deep God's love is.

We thank you Father for the message of the cross.

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