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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Discovering our Maturity

Santification and Justification
Sanctification- imputed right; makes us fit for heaven.
Perfection in God's sight is not obtained by achieving higher level of good works.
You can only surrender your life to Jesus Christ and let him deal with our sin on the cross.  We are to know grow up. People are without excuse.
Hebrews 10:14
Romans 1 - consequence of not dealing with God.
The difference between people who really want to be in God's church and grow up.  One word - commitment.  What I do in my life here affects the whole body of Christ.  You cannot be accountable when you are not committed to a group of God's people.
God has made us fit for heaven.    We are fit to be in the family of God because He brought us in to be in His family.  He wants us to grow up.
Living life with other Christian people daily.  Look at actions - what people value comes out not by our words but by our actions.  We are to grow up.
Discovering our Maturity.
1. Spiritual maturity - when your are born again- your spirit is born again.  God won't abandon us. We are tremendous worth to Him.   God validates us.  He loves you because He loves you.
Acts 2:42  - developing some habits in our life to grow up.
1.  Devoted themselves to the apostles teaching (The Bible);
2.  Devoted themselves to fellowship (be there/turn up/share life/being obedient to the Lord );
3.  Breaking of bread - checking our heart to make sure our relationship with the Lord is right and our relationship with fellow believers;
4.  Prayer - not just giving God a list; we need to be still and listen to Him.  Our relationship with God and believers is very important.
What's the whole purpose of growing up?
Ephesians 4:14-15.  When you see mature people they don't get torn by different teaching.  Intellectual teaching doesn't mean you are mature.  When you are mature you will be confident in what you believe.
The early church listened to the teaching of the apostles, fellowship, communion and prayer.
Misconceptions about growing up - you need help. 
Tremendous Jones - find out more here
Growing up is not automatic.  We are to continue to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.  If we are to grow up it must be intentional.   You must set your mind to make sure you put yourself in the place to be accountable to God and to the family of God.
1 Timothy 4:7  keep ourselves in training for a godly life.  Now we choose to take God's discipline or be rebellious.
Disciples are known by what they are commited to and value.  No can do this for you.  You have to want to do it and action it.   No short cuts.
We don't deal with our sin again.  Come back and follow Christ.   Growth is intentional and a process that takes time.

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