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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Being Saved....

Romans 5:1

Justification - being saved.
Santification - holiness

You may not be in heaven yet, but you are in kingdom of God. As God's child, You have all the resources of heaven at your disposal.

1 John 3:9

When the seed of God is in you; you are no longer a sinner.  When you are saved, in God's eyes you are no longer a sinner.   God now wants to sanctify you.

Romans 5:1 - we have peace with God because we are right with God.  Because of what God is doing in our life.  Our justification comes through our faith in Jesus Christ.   God sees us a someone worthwhile for God to invest His time in.

Each of us should use the gifts God has given us to build, not tear down.  To do worthwhile work and edify the Church.

Galations 2:16 - Galations was written because people came along and said Christians had to keep the Law and they became confused.  Law shows us our shortcomings; but cannot save us.

The Law is not done away with; but we can only live with God's help.

Galations 3:11 - The righteous shall live by faith.   Do we live by faith?  Do we trust God to get us through each day?

The difference between justification and sanctification.

Justification- made right.

Those who say we don't need God, we are good people, are going to hell. 

Santification- being changed to be more like Jesus.  Being made holy.

We are saved by our faith in Jesus Christ; the next step is to walk with the Lord.  

Mark 1:35  Jesus went away and prayed with His Father.  That is radical in the world's eyes.

Rightly dividing between the two is important.   We needto know the difference.

Justification is the Work of God - God did the work, not us.  I am the righteous of God in Christ.  It is not earned or retained by anyone of us.  It's immediate- by God.  The result is Eternal Life.   It's the message of the cross. 1 Peter 2:24  Salvation is received by faith alone.

Ephesians 2:8-9  Salvation is received by faith alone.   We cannot earn it. 

No works are necessary to obtain justification.  If it was then it is not a gift.  God gives the free gift to the whole world.

Jesus dealt with sin; He conquered death.

Justification is what God does for us.  We can't earn it.

Santification is being set apart.  Holy.  Set apart for God's purpose.

It's not about reasoning or using God's wisdom.  Sometimes God will ask us  to do things that make no sense to us; but we are to be obedient to him.

Changing to be like Christ involves a work in you; but God is changing us.  Our starting point is 'I am justified  in Christ'; we can't fix our sin.  I can't fix yesterday; all I can do is walk with the Lord now and tomorrow.   Our yesterday's are fixed by what Jesus Christ has accomplished on the cross.

We walk to be holy.  Jesus bucked the system.  We need to check with God what you are to do. 

Philippians 2:12   You are justified but you must keep working out our salvation.  If I want to do this, I must have  a relationship with God (through the Holy Spirit).  God putting his character into your life.   We just work with God and trust Him to do it.

Santification is not instant.  The justified person is actively involved in submitting their will to God.  We give the 'steering wheel of our life' to God.
It's not about your rights, equality etc. 
This is a process and it can take all your life on earth.

Galations 5:22-24  when we are saved; we accept God's justification.   Don't pick up the old way of life.   Don't go back there.  

God considered Abraham as one who fulfilledthe Law; but God had not given the Law at that time to him.  It came later to Israel.

Justification comes from outside of us.  It comes from God.  Santification comes out of us through God working in us.

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