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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Living in the Model Church

1 Thessalonians 5:1-28

People in remote areas of our country receive messages via the airwaves that are negative.   They need positive messages via radio that bring hope.
Pray for our fellow countrymen who live and work in the remote areas of our country.

1 Thessalonians 5:23

When we become Christians, life is not all rosy.  We live out our Christian walk, everday.  Test us, teach us Lord so that we grow in faith.

We are taught We give our heart to the Lord and it's all rosy.  Scripture does not teach this.  We need to live out our faith.  We are just like everone else, we need Jesus Christ.  We will be asked when we get to heaven, what did we do with His Son?

In Christ, our salvation is secure.  Whether we are alive or dead, we will be in heaven with Jesus.  There are responsiblities placed on believers.

•  when the respect goes from the leadership of the Church, the edification of the people goes.  God appoints the leaders of the Church.   Church is not a democracy; it's a theocracy.  It's not about the person but about God.   Failure to respect the authority in leadership is failure to respect God.

•  Those who oppose us; their reward will be God's punishment.   It's important to respect the authority placed by God.  When we fail to respect what God has put in place, then we don't edify.  If someone rejects Jesus because of my witness, I answer for it. 

•  spiritual leadership is to tend and shepherd the flock of God. ( example:  Peter - do you love me, asked by Jesus)

•  example is part of our witness.  Lifestyle is important.  Example is important.   Our example, our witness is so important.

•  Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.  Power is not example. 

•  counsel people who are lazy to work.  A lot of people in Australia today don't want to work and the church has not held this accountable.

•  the Church is to care and the downtrodden, orphans and widows.

•  the world makes the same mistakes everyday.  Jesus loved the world and laid his life down for them.

•  patience with people.

•  v 15-22  believers in everyday life.  Evidence - forgiving spirit; seeking to do good to one another and all people;   the example of maturity in the church has been lacking. 

•  rejoicing; giving thanks.  Giving thanks is a big deal.  It can be hard when you help someone and it's not good enough.  They don't give thanks.
We need to praise God for who we are.

•  Quench the Spirit.  Don't do this.  It has caused a lot of damage.  Don't despise prophesy or teaching.  Abstain from all forms of evil. Walk with God and he will walk with us.

Thessalonica was a young church under enormous pressure.   This church followed Jesus.   Rules can never replace love, compassion and caring.  It can't replace edification.

People groan under the weight of endless rules.   Human nature rebels against loads of rules. 

We need to be giving the message to people that God loves them.  Rules Rules and more rules went over the top. 

The biggest issue in Australia today is male suicude.  People need to know God loves you.   So much that He died for you. 

Paul wanted the people to grow up spirituality.   Mature.  Growing up  and looking after each other.

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