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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Being Renewed

Reason Paul wrote to Galatians:  legalism.

Bible Reference:
Galatians 3
Galations 1:6
Genesis 12

If we don't have the same love as Christ, then we  don't love others.

Christian - Christ; 'ian' followers of.
Therefore a Christian is one who follows Christ.

When does the covenant with us begin?  With Abraham.   Genesis 12:1-3

Who we really are in Christ.  Do we ourselves as Christ sees us.

Ephesians - we need to put ourselves in a place where we are built up not put down.

Our first purpose in life is to worship God.

Man - tries to fix his body first.  Find yourself and fix it yourself.  Body and emotions give you trouble.  Spirit is dead.

But then in life we meet & connect with God; the spirit within the man comes alive.

Where does God dwell today?  The Holy Spirit dwells in those who follow Christ.

Romans 12:1-2 

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