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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Local Church

1 Thessalonions chapter 2

As we read through this chapter we realize the Jewish people missed their messiah.  They had built up expectations of how he should be and act.

We do this also with the local church.

But we are to:

1.  Worship God
2.  Read the Word and ask Holy Spirit to reveal

In OT people could read about the Messiah:

Isaiah 7:14; Micah 5:2; Isaiah 5:36; Isaiah 53:1-12; Zechariah 11:12;

You can read the Bible religiously but without the Holy Spirit, you miss Jesus.

The people missed the Messiah.  How?  Peter missed a lot of things until the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus had been given to them by God but they missed it.  They had rejected Jesus and crucified him.  God had raised him up and they still missed it.  Jesus had been made Lord of Heaven and earth and they still missed it.

John says...these things are written...John 20:31

The Jewish people were the first sent in to attack the church by the enemy.  But standing upon the foundation they withstood the attack.

This model church has a clear understanding of who Jesus is.  He is a person.   Our faith is in a person.

Acts 17:7  - you can have all different ideas but if the foundation is not right all will fall down around.  If a building does not have a proper foundation then it falls down.  The Bereans checked out all a person said and if you were right you were asked back but if what you said was wrong you were rejected. 

Jesus wasn't just the Saviour, Lord, he is THE King.  The government is upon the shoulders of Jesus.  This was a foundational truth in the church of Thessalonica.

There was a lot of opposition to the preaching of the gospel.   Read into Romans 10 - Jesus is the King.

Do we respond to the authorities of this land from ourselves or from Jesus?  The basis of sin is the rejection of God in our lives.   In the garden of Eden, Adam sinned against God and he died; spirituality and then physically.

Nicodemus was told by Jesus he must be born again.  He understood what Jesus said.  First born receives judgement; second born receives mercy.  Adam was first born; Jesus is second born. 

Jesus came as 'last' Adam.  He was tempted but chose to obey God even to death on the cross.  First step of obedience is to accept Jesus as the Christ. 

First reason to have a church - preach the gospel.   If we all accepted Jesus then a lot of problems would be sorted.  When people hear the gospel and turn to God in obedience they are saved.

In heaven you can't lead people to Christ.  Only on earth can people ne led to Jesus.

Thanks be to God....Paul says.....

We are always going to be a slave to something.   If you are not in Christ you will be a slave to the evil one; or if you are in Christ you serve and obey Jesus.

The foundation principles for the Church in Thessalonica:

1.  The death and resurrection of Christ was necessary;
2.  He is the Messiah:
3.  He is the King.

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