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Tolga Community Church
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Local Church - Thessalonions

Bible references:  1 Thessalonions 1

In these days, many people are unresponsive and they think God is a benevolent god.  They think God supplies your wants not needs.  God is not benevolent but wants to transform us.  A new creation.

Thessalonions presented as an example of local church.  How the local church should operate and be presented to the area.

Acts - acts of the HolySpirit.

Acts 16 - Thessalonica established on Paul's second missionary journey.
Silas joined Paul on this journey.

Paul's home church was Antioch.

Lydia from Lystera was the Pastor.

The Ignatian Way  - main highway from Greece to Italy.

Ephesians- set up to be in the battle.
Training, building up, it's not about me but about Jesus and our brothers and sisters.

How do you serve?  The world or God?
It's a big question.

Acts 16:6-10
The church of Thessalonica was established under God's direction.

As we start this new year let's pray our Church is established under God's direction.

God calls it and we needto have His vision.

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