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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ephesians 6:5-9

Ephesians 6: 5-9

This passage is not about fairness; God is a god of justice; we are to look at passage through eyes of God not the world.

The most common form of slavery today is  Debt.  Other forms of slavery is welfare; children being used as slaves; etc.

God is not benevolent.

Hand is to bring good governance, the foot is to keep you accountable; eye is to keep you alert, discerning.

Discipline; ability to be industrious, does not  fix your life.  

Christian duties of servants and masters.  Both boss and workers are important.   Rules for servant class come first; both serve to the Lord.

This is the same for all people.  This is not about fairness; but obedience.

Servants were generally slaves during the time Paul wrote. 

The influence of Christianity that helped to bring about an end to slaves serving in chains.

Give honour to those over you.  Sincerely and faithfully.   Serve as if the boss is always watching; serve the Lord.  We want to win the favor of Jesus; from a principle of love.  

It doesn't sound fair.  But it is not about fairness.   We are to serve our boss as we serve Jesus. We work out of respect to Jesus.  Obedience.

Duty of masters.  Duty of boss is to be just to his worker (Christians)   They are to show goodwill and concern for people under him.  He is to be about winning God's approval; not being a people pleasing.  

Bosses should not be overbearing.  As Christians we should be about building each other up.  We are accountable for the way we live as Christians-those who are saved and follow Christ.  It's really important that we behave as Christ wants us to.   We are to work together so that the work environment operates properly (not fairness). 

Eye service - seeks appearance to solely please the master/boss.  We go to work to please the Lord.   Don't get tangled up in people pleasing.  Be obedient to God.

Bondservant - do the will of God from your heart.   We will fail; we live in a fallen world.  The Lord is with you in the good times and the bad times. 

The apostle wants to encourage the motive to Obedience.   When we people please we lose our inheritance as a child of God.   Walk like a turkey or fly like an eagle.

1 Thessalonions 4:16

We serve God - not man.  The man you work for is blessed because a God person is working for him. 

God is no respector of man.  God regards the man who walks the way of God and follow his ways. 

God does not work the world's way of fairness.  Carnality.

We are to be about God's way of living.  It's more important to know Jesus than to know influential people.

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