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Tolga Community Church
"We believe a Great Commitment to the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission will GROW a Great Church."

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Make A Difference

Ephesians 5:1-7

It's one thing to live as Christ wants us to but we have to shine the Light.

Make a difference!

God is not about a bunch of laws and regulations.   God is about us being His people.

You can not earn your righteous.   God wants us build you up not pull us down.

What pulls the church down:
- greed
- sexual immorality
- impurity
- any thought that does not build the body is unhealthy and sinful;
- indecency
- covetness
- any conversation that does not matter to God we should not be talking about;
- Col 3:8
- give thanks to God
- when you speak properly you speak into our lives;
- when we speak what God wants we build; when we speak negative we destroy;
- the abuse of the tongue is opposed to holiness;
- God wants us to live holiness and to shine!

Our response should be heartfelt and wanting to love God.

Acts 15 ( v 19-21)

This is to help us be the people of God.

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