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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Victor or Victim?

Luke 6:17-26 (NIV)

Jesus called his inner circle and after spending a night in prayer with his father, he called the 12 disciples.

Jesus and his disciples were met by a large crowd of people including those who were not jewish but gentiles.

Jesus had already a ministry of influence and they came.  Many came out of genuine human need. v 19

Jesus was not a magician, he is Lord.  He spoke with authority which was not like the jewish leaders.  He never came across as a person of authority.   He served with humilty and love.

Jesus is our example of how to serve.   He taught with authority and power, grace and love.

V20 (c/ref:  Matthew 5:1-12)
Jesus has a different thought pattern to the world. 

In the first part Jesus begins with 'blessed' (truly happy) not being happy (circumstances). 

In the second part he begins with 'woe'  (an expression of sadness and concern).  When we worry we are like the woeful people. 

v24 - don't we envy those who have wealth.  We despise those who are poor.  Matthew uses the phrase "poor in spirit". 

In many parts of the world people know God's blessings and riches of the heavenly kingdom because they don't have what we in the western world enjoy each day.

John 3:16 - believe (hop in the wheelbarrow😊) ie story of man who pushed a wheelbarrow across a tight rope across grand canyon).

If we are satisfied with the things of the world then you will know the riches of the world.  That is your reward. Money is your god.

But those who have sought the Lord and seek after heavenly things.  We can be satisfied.  We cannot however serve two gods; you cannot serve God and money.  You can only serve one master.

If you come to him hungry and thirsty for his word; he will give you all you will ever need.

God's money system has no end.  God provides all the world needs.   We still can't fight a storm. 

Let's get on God's blessed side not on the mournful side.

v22-23 today many want to be a prophet!  But we read in the OT that many of them wanted to run from this job!  (eg Hosea was commanded to marry a prostitute.)

W Wilberforce - he went against the tide of public opinion.   He campaigned against slavery.

We are either with God or we are not.

We will face opposition and criticism.

Do we want to be blessed or be pitied?

Do you want to be the victor or the victim?

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