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Tolga Community Church
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ephesians chapter 4 (1)

Ephesians 4:7-16

The writer is naming the ministries of the church; not the governance of the church.  We are to particularly love each other.  We are to function first of all as a family.

1 Peter 3:8

Families are not built on regulations; families are built on relationships.
Church is to be built on relationships; fellowship; Acts 2:42 is how church is supposed to work.

Acts 2:42
Ephesians 4:3

Church is Christ's body.  Ephesians 1:23.  Jesus liked to call his disciples.   There is a way God's people are expected to live. It's important that we understand that what we do even in public either hurts or uplifts our body.
Jesus also referred to his people as 'sheep'. 

John 10

Church is to be led and cared for by shepherds  (Elders, Pastors)
God elects those who are to do ministries.   Ephesians 1-3 Paul spends time about nature of church as conceivedby God.

Ephesians ch 1

As God's children as we would like to think of our children; God wants to bless his children.

The church is edified and to edify.  The church is built up and to build up.
The role of the church is to be about God's business; not reacting to the world.

- the edifying/building up of the church.  When this stops we lose respect.

-  worship God is the first purpose of our life.

- the body is to live in the liberty and salvation won upon the cross.

- Proverbs 23 (wise instructions)

-  we should expect to experience liberty.  Christ has given us people with gifts to teach us.

- For the church to be respected and listened to; it is wise to do things God's way.

- the Jewish people expect God to bless them.  When theyare blessed they can bless others.   So too we should expect to be blessed so that we can bless others around us.

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