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Tolga Community Church
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Friday, August 12, 2016

Life is Life- strength, Christ in our hearts & know the greatness of God in our life

Ephesians 3:14-21

Acts 9 (Saul met Jesus and is saved)

Why is culture important? It's set by God.   To destroy people, change the culture.

Paul was a Benjaminite, a Pharisee, but he didn't know the revelation until  he met Jesus.

The family to which we belong is the Church of the family of Abraham.

Paul prepared to let God be god and take his direction from God.

Three things:
God's strength in our inner man;
The Church (God's people);
He has given the Holy Spirit in us.

Faith in God's plan for your life.

We will then know the surpassing greatness of God's grace in our life.

Where are the prayers of our heart at this moment?  Each and every one of us to answer this question.

Why is this important?

Are you interested in what God wants to do?  He is interested in what you want to do.

Q. Could you give a personal example of the greatness of God in your life?

How big is your prayer?  Would you trust God more than the leaders of our nation?

Where am I going to be as a person who is successful and do what God wants me to do?

Do you believe God can answer our prayers?  Do you believe God is interested in your life?

Life is life - It's not rosy; it's how you come through it.

We come and meet together to give God glory.

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