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Friday, July 29, 2016

Ephesians ch 3 (the mystery revealed)

Acts 9:1-16 as background into reading Ephesians 3 (mystery which was revealed in New Testament)

• Saul's conversion - when he met Jesus!
• Jesus would show Saul how much he would have to suffer for Jesus name

Ephesians chapter 3:
•  why did God choose gentiles?
•  to make Jews jealous so they would come back to God
•  the Mystery which forms an integral part of the gospel
•  we don't have to have lots of programs, meetings
•  live each day with God in our lives, daily relationship with God
•  Ephesians ch 3 - Paul's explanation of his calling
•  how often the word  'mystery 'is written
•  explanation of the Mystery
•  In ch 2 "you were dead in sin according to the world..." 
•  the Mystery is Christ In Us!  Really simple.   Paul was one of the top rabbis
•  Jesus had been to rabbi school
•  through OT God was trying to get the people to know Him
•  Paul received his commission in Acts 9
•  Paul studied the Law - he knew the Law then he meets Jesus and has to communicate this gospel of grace
•  not pushing people around but show the grace of Jesus
•  God doesn't walk away from us. He saves us not do we sin more but so we sin less.  Gid will forgive us.
• Paul met Jesus and became a child of God
•  how did Paul receive his commission? On the road to Damacus Paul met Jesus
•  we all come to this point in our lives-will we say yes or no to our calling
•  v6  Knowing we have an inheritance in heaven does this affect our life
•  today is like chaff in the wind; there will always be poor people but we won't always have to opportunity to know Christ in us unless we meet Jesus and know him
•  God works through the Church
•  if we're living Christ in us we can have boldness and confidence v12
(Like Joshua and the battle of Jericho)
• What is our approach to prayer? (V 10)
•  12 men and 120 in upper room, not large numbers; what God can do in my life.

V 6 We are fellow heirs; fellow partakers

We come through Abraham-he was not a Jew; he was father of Jews

Do we make sure we are part of what happens in our community?  Be salt; not to point finger but to help people.

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