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Friday, June 3, 2016

Ephesians (Part 1)

Bible References:  Acts 20; Ephesians 15:1-31

Paul took opportunity to write
Ephesians.   It's not like any other letter he wrote.

Corinthans written to address 10 issues raised.  Corinthans was not the ideal church; but don't pick on them.  They had lots of people.   A wonderful letter telling us how to overcome.

Galations - letter written to address issue of  compromise - Jews trying to get people to go back to Law.

Ephesians written by Paul (God's choice).

Paul knew about God but didn't know God.  On road to Damascus Paul met Jesus!

No longer is there Jew or Gentiles;  there is one body - the Church.  (The mystery )

Chapter 1-3  grand picture of the Church.  We leave spiritual past behind and we walk in the inheritance.  Walk in newness of life.  Established our position in Christ.   God does nit call us to leave sin behind; but to walk a different way - to be like Jesus! 

We want to see people with Jesus in them.  We can't keep Law.  

- Jew/Gentile relationship issues.   Jews hated gentiles.  Jesus tells the Jews to love non jews. 
- Culture.   (1st Centry Israelite views )
- idoltry
- Sexual immorality
- Paul comes along - Jews and Gentiles to be same (Jesus as one of the chief rabbis in Israel at his time)
- OT Rahab (Canaanite) and Ruth (Moabite) both in line of Jesus.  Boaz husband of Ruth and Rahab his mother.
They were grafted into God's covenant community.
- a major readjustment in perspective on both sides (Jews/Gentile )
- Acts 15:1-31: four (4) requirements
- we do not come under the Law but we are under the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
- Paul's letters are full of gentile description of way of former life
- don't take pride in former life but in future life
- abstain from idols; sexual immorality; blood and strangled animals.   Requirements as Christians. Acts 15:1-31
- v 28 Holy Spirit and to us not to burden you with anything beyond the following requirements (in one mind with God )
- you don't do them to become a Christian;  but because you are a Christian you do them.

Study these 4 requirements;  they are tougher than OT law.

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