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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Timothy - Will there be any stars in my crown?

2 Timothy 4:1-8

The Lord called Timothy to do a work. Forgiveness - reconciliation Paul writes to Timothy - Paul charges (gives him a direction) Timothy.

Before God and Jesus Christ who will judge the living and the dead;

People who hurt us - God will be the judge;
Paul understood the spiritual reality of how to conduct yourself;

If you take advice from a friend who will live out that advice in the presence of God;

Preach the Word! - That was the gifting given to Timothy by God;

Be ready all the time to preach (in and out of season );

Not just know the Word; not just read the Word but Preach the Word! Preach about Jesus; not about yourself.

Forget about yourself and preach Jesus! Preach when easy; preach when hard. Preach when fruit evident and when it is concealed. Convince, rebuke, confront.

2 Timothy 4 God is doing something wonderful in us. Left to ourselves we will do something different but allow God to make the change in your life. Look to the Word.

Turn away from fables. When people reject God's Truth, they don't believe in nothing; they believe anything! Please Jesus! Not people.

Fable 1 - you must earn your way to God.

Fable 2 - God only loves you when you are good. Not true! Jesus loved people when they drive nails in his hands.

Fable 3 - I'm better than you. Religion, offended easily. What have you become? God.

The testimony he gives to Timothy: fulfill your ministry!

In forgiveness - you forgive them but God does not tell us to just trust them and allow them to do whatever they want in your life.

Get out the unforgiveness and get your work bench clean. A mechanic has to keep his workspace clean so he can fix a motor.

Don't turn aside to fables. God does not want you to get more discouraged; he wants you to get more encouraged.

Forgiveness - we are commanded to do this.

Reconciliation - not necessarily going to the person who hurt us to sort out.

It's to do whatGod wants us to do - live out the life plan God has for us. Big tree in forest grows up (unforgiveness ) the big tree will stunt the growth and cause the young trees to die until the big tree dies. Then the young trees can see the sun and grow.

Luke 22: 10-20

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