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Friday, May 20, 2016

Stars in my Crown (2)

2 Timothy 4 : 1-8

Timothy has been encouraged by Paul to keep going.  He has been hurt and has learnt about forgiving.  

Crown of salvation
Crown of doing the work of God

The love of the world can overwhelm us in this life.  Paul was guided by divine inspiration.   You can't get it from people; you will be  disappointed.

One thing Paul loved to have; his manuscripts.   When you stop learning and growing you become bitter; wither and die.  He did not neglect the necessities of life.  No one denies we need these.  But we also need to be thankful for the Holy Spirit and living God's way.

By living God's way, Timothy put stars in his crown.  

(Examples of reformers God used in church history: John Calvin - reformist in church history; Luther - reformist in church history)

It will profit God and others if Timothy kept the faith and preached the Word faithfully.

Paul also tells Timothy he will endure afflictions.   There are good times and not so good times.  If we don't share in the suffering of Christ;  have a heart that loves people like Christ,  we aren't following God's will.

We are all called to tell people about Jesus.   Jesus is the only one who can change our life.  Paul tells Timothy to fulfill his ministry - joy in your heart. 

No joy in ministry, some causes:

1.  Fear (bullied /not using resources God gives us)

2.  Unbelief (not trusting God to do what God says/ do we think people won't listen? )1 Peter 2:9

3.  Cares if this world (bills to pay, things that happen to us)

4.  Fear of Man (what God wants done; not what a man wants)

5.  Criticism and discouragement (a priest/holy man)

6.  Don't be overtaken by sin (letting the first 5 things get to you) (2 Timothy 4 v6-8; 1 Peter 5:4)

Paul had been a Pharisee.   He had persecuted Christians.   Then he met Jesus.

Paul understood about crowns.

Revelation 4:10 (Crown?  Take it to the Lord)

Timothy gets overcome by trying to please everyone and he can't.   He learns he only has to please Jesus.

God wants to give you a heavenly reward.  

To do our ministry - 2 Timothy 4 : 1-8

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