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Friday, April 8, 2016

To Dress and to Keep

Psalm 68:6

In our daily life we often wonder who we are, what we are doing (even in this church).

Genesis 1
Man was created  for a purpose - to be in relationship.  Everyone has a free will.  When God made Adam and Eve He gave them some special things.  God is god  of past, present and future.  

We need to be ready everyday for  Christ's return.

Romans 17-20

We are part of God's creation.   Genesis is the seed bed of the whole Bible.   Where everything is found. 

The Old Testament is in New revealed; and the New Testament is in the Old Testament concealed.

God is not mysterious.   He wants to be in a daily relationship with us each day.  He created us to be special people.  God has given us a talent to take hold of and use and further His kingdom.

Like building a house where there are specialized trades; each comes and the house is built into one.   The same in Church-each of us has a talent given by God to contribute to the body.

Genesis 2 (v15)  God has taken each one of us and given us a job to do.  In church, we have been given a job to do in our church and place to dress and to keep this place he has given us.

God has planted us here to dress and keep this place He has given us.   Here we should begin to understand what God wants us to do.  Where God places us is a beautiful place.  We are placed here to do something special.

Everyday God came down and spoke with Adam.  Each day God wants to come and speak with us.  Each day we need to talk with God too.  

We have to care,  look after and keep our church.  Just like Adam had to dress and keep the garden.  

Who am I?   A special person to dress and to keep this place.

In Jesus Christ we are spiritual people; He requires us to do spiritual work. 

As Christians we must be naturally spiritual and spiritually natural.  The natural and the spiritual working together.

Faith without works is dead (James )  faith is spiritual part and works is natural.

Psalm 103:13-16 - how we stand before God.

As a church and individually we have a special job to do in God's sight. 

Each day God wants to cone and talk with us.  He wants to help us in our endeavors each and every day.

God has prepared a special place.   An appointed place.  We have an appointed and prepared place; set down to stay and dress and keep it for  God.

God places us in this specific place to dress and to keep this place.   A lot of people who need help, who are hurting; to bring together a special family to do a job for him. 

We're part of the body.  As we work together we become one.  Together we do great things.   Pray together;  worship together;  work together.   We have been given responsibility just like Adam.   Each of us have to dress and to keep what God has given us.   Be a watchman and take authority over those things which are not of God.    
To fight for the place He has guven us.  To keep evil out.  To be responsible and to be on guard.   God makes us a special people that's been to responsibility to dress and to keep this place.

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