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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Heralders of the Gospel ( Part 7)

2 Timothy 1 : 12-18

We think it's about what God gives to us.  We expect to be given to us.  God abundantly gived to us and we must be a vessel that pours out. 

As Christians we don't go to hell but we will stand before the judgment seat of God and answer to the question "what have you done with my Son?"

When you have children one of the greatest rewards is to see them take what we have taught them and become responsible, giving and Christ minded people in our community.

2 Timothy 1 : 12-18

Counting all things as rubbish except what matters in eternity.   What is deposited in you in Christ.   Paul has been part in teaching Timothy.  All the times he had plenty won't be asked about.  The assurance of faith consists of trust in Christ.

Keep trusting in Jesus to bring you through.   We can know it all? Paul knew it all.  Paul then meets the Lord on the road to Damascus;  Paul doesn't just know about the Lord, he knows the Lord.

We can rest in that great gift of life that Jesus gives.  If your realization of Christ is hardly there; there will be no big picture of what Christ can do.  Don't let offence get in the way.  Don't come to take; come to give.  Christ came to give not take.   He didn't have to.

In Christ there is united the divine and human nature.  He knew what it was like to be like us and be tempted;  but he knew how to live as God wants us to live.

To know God our heart must be open to Him.  The greatest challenge in life is to change.   It can be very hard to change.  A lot of times we take offense and we get upset  because we need to change.

Do you think how we lived offended him?  He has sympathy for us; he knows what is right and what is wrong.   Jesus loves us in spite of our offense.   God can identify with each of us.

Paul goes on and talks about apostasy.

John 6:60-67
There have been those who give their heart to the Lord but don't finish the race.  When we get challenged we turn away from Christ and from brothers and sisters in Christ.

V66-67  From that time many of his disciples went back and walked with him no more...

Onesiphorus refreshed Paul; he gave to Paul.  He was kind to Paul, often.   He took care to seek Paul out and find him

He received the 'prophets reward'. Read through scripture and find out more.

Onesiphorus did this to honour Jesus;  he loved the Lord.  

We are not saved to look good.   You can't do good and be saved.  You can be saved and do good.  It's not enough to expect God to give and give.  We are to do our part and we will have to give an account of our life.

You can't go around doing what you like; we need to be accountable for our actions; life; beliefs.  Now is the day.  We are the vessels.   God saved us to be a vessel to carry goodness,  teachings of God and to show them outwards.  You are the friend that He can use to flow out to those around you.

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