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Friday, February 19, 2016

Heralders of the Gospel (Part 4) 2

Timothy 1 Our conscience - accuser, comforter. We need to learn to live a victorious life.

One with a weak conscience takes short cuts; its not ok to do whatever you think. Are we weak or victorious? A good conscience is not double -minded, or weak. We need to guard our conscience from sin. We need to guard our heart for this is where the real issues of life come out for us.

We need to listen and take action - pray for someone, help someone. We are good enough because God says we're good enough. Not because of what we think. Paul never ceases praying for Timothy.

Timothy was young. It's not about you but the equipping of God in your life. God created in Timothy such a constant, respectful, responsible equipping in character. Paul would love to come and see Timothy. It's encouraging to be with fellow believers and be encouraged and encourage. A faithful man puts nothing above the Lord. He wants to see God be given glory in everything. God equips people (even the young) to achieve their potential and be those who are faithful and uphold the Gospel. Why is conscience? What is sweeter than a faithful friend who bare with you and help you through trials. Fickle friends hurt people.

Timothy is consistently there. Sometimes people walk away from you when you need a mate. James talks about this (Book of James ). Timothy's faith was real. He was working for God, not because of his affection for Paul, but because of the Holy Spirit in his life.

Timothy's excellent character - his faith. Taught faithfully by his grandmother and mother who had all his life been schooled by these women.

Faith makes our actions acceptable to God. (Psalm 51) It is impossible to please God without faith.

Where do you put your faith? In the visual or in the Spirit? In what is seen or in God who is unseen?

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