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Friday, February 12, 2016

Heralders of the Gospel (Part 2)

2 Timothy 1
Those who are instructed in the church are more able/willing to help others be instructed so they know Jesus. Being instructed should be most important in our life. Eg we will water the plant, the one with the most promise. If you use what God entrusts to you, you will receive more.

The world teaches us we are owed. This causes us to miss out with God. God puts you in church to learn from each other about God.

We need to have knowledge of God; not information. Information is just information unless we have knowledge of God in our lives.

Paul - understands the deeper mercy of God in our lives. If our striving is on ourselves we burn out. Then we fall away because of trying in our own strength. Put on God's grace towards others.
Don't be looking for others to extend grace to you. God has extended grace. God wants you to be a vessel to extend grace to others. Be like Jesus and let the grace of God flow through you. Paul is instructing Timothy to be that vessel that allows grace to flow through him to others.

A Jamaican man met Jesus and was saved. "If I can be a slave to man then I can be a slave for God". Set free, this man knew that God was with him and nothing could touch him. God knows our needs; he is always watching.

Disinterested service will bring no peace to us. Our desire should be that God is given praise and be pleased with me. That others be encouraged to go on with God in their lives. Do this with God and in true service. How would you want to serve God? Deceitful service brings destruction to both yourself and to others.

God has a conscience for justice. Conscience makes saints accountable to God. Our strength comes from God. God cares about the world and justice to be done. We need strength to serve God. Paul entrusted Timothy as a man of good conscience. Timothy followed God's ways and Paul knew this because he had seen this in Timothy.

The Holy Spirit is the author of power and strength. Don't go to the author of cowardly ways; go the author of strength. God has given us this gospel message and he expects us to keep it pure and holy. Mercy and grace are essential to peace as are sound doctrine. God does not put in a spirit that makes you timid but of a sound mind. It is so important to be properly instructed.

Every Christian is given the Holy Spirit. With him you will overcome anything but we have to take up this in our lives.
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