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Friday, February 5, 2016

Heralder of the Gospel (Part 1 )

2 Timothy 1

The standing or dignity or good name of Preacher is extremely important. We pick this up from God's Word. We all have the opportunity to be heralders of the Word.

Two things you can do on earth: 1. sin and 2. tell others about Jesus.

Seek the glory of God in everything you do.

Jesus took back the glory lost by Adam in the Garden of Eden when he went to the cross, died and rose again.

In nature the head is protected (eg by the hand). So too we in Church we should protect the leadership of the church.

Psalm 105:15

In 1798 a child was born. At school he showed potential and his father, a mechanic, consented to his education. God used him greatly. His name: Albert Barnes.

If we try to live our life outside of God's plan we will never truly achieve. We need to tell people about God's plan for their life. Paul, a Pharisee of pharisees. He went from being a murderer to a preacher. Function of gospel is to be preached to the world. We have a life to live by God's will. He has called his sons and daughters His Good News. We must live it.

Romans 4:16 We learn from the Old Testament how God wants us to live in the New Testament. The Old Testament is not done away with but fulfilled by Jesus Christ. God doesn't want us to hide in buildings but to go out and proclaim it.

Satan promises the best but pays out the worst. Satan will promise pleasure but pays with pain. Promises life but pays death.

God pays as He promises in His Word.

Paul is writing to Timothy who has been trained by women and brought him into a man's world. Timothy is young and taken under Paul's wing.

Paul lives his life as Jesus is returning tomorrow. Paul lives as though the end of the world would come at anytime. Paul lived through death to life but most people lives from life to death. Paul's foundation is Jesus Christ. Paul had it all as a Pharisee except Christ. But on road to Damascus Paul met Jesus and his foundation became Christ.

Reputation as a person of Christ was very important to Paul. In Christ we find our reputation of Christ, our foundation.

Our relationship with Christ must be held as the greatest standard. Enjoy being in God's presence, have fun and rejoice. Jesus lifted people all the time; he takes great joy in us doing this too. Paul was a heralder, an apostle, a preacher and teacher of Jesus Christ.

Paul addresses Timothy as 'my dearly beloved son' . Timothy has that youthful quality that we lose when we go out into the world and get knocked around. Timothy chose to follow the best influences in his home. Obedience is a big deal to God and Timothy showed obedience in his life. God wants us to obey Him, then we will defeat sin. There are people behind our lives, praying for us and our conversion.

Timothy had been ordained to be an elder and preacher in the church. People were questioning Timothy's ability, youth.

A great joy for an older person is to see a young person who lives their life for the Lord.

Set your foundation - Jesus Christ. Not programs, schemes, man made plans. Our foundation is the Lord Jesus.

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