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Friday, October 23, 2015

Seven Principles To Learn

7 Principles to learn

The Bible tells us he wants all people to know him.  We needto get God's word view.

1.  Give God's word first place in my life  Joshua 1:8  we should goto God's word first; not FB or people.   We need to confess our sin and repent.

2.  Live your life in manner that pleases God.

3.  Keep unforgiveness and strife completely out of your life.

4.1 Corinthans 13 ( love)  walk in love.  Read and study.  Walk in God's love.

5.  Line your words with God's Words.  To change our life;  change our mind with HS  speaking into your life.

6.  Maintain an attitude of gratitude for all that God has done for you. (Build each other up and speak well of each other )

7.  Honour God continually by giving back to Him.  (Our life,  not because we owe him but because we love him)

Always remember to say "I am the Blessed. "

Israel sees itself as the Blessed.

God does not want broken down people working for him.

Regardless of how big a mess any situation is when I get there; the blessing of God is in me to bring His life and Love into the place

Regardless  I'm blessed with the blessing.   Blessing is mine.  I  am in the line of Abraham.   I belong to Christ Jesus.   The Almighty Gid is my Father.

Regardless I am prospering, I am healed; this is all part of the Blessing.

Get hold of the eternal picture.

Regardless I am the Blessed and I  have Dominion and subdue the earth.

I will multiply and prosper in God's plans for this earth.

Those who come in contact with me are Blessed.   It's the Blessing of the Christ and I am His.

1 Timothy 4:7 (GNB)

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