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Thursday, December 11, 2014

World's Perspective v God's Perspective

Bible References:  1 John 4:7-12; Matthew 26; Ps 12:1-8

What makes the times bad?

World's perspective: Lack of money, education, war, no work...

From God's point of view: 2 Tim 3:1

When righteousness goes times are bad; God lives in the praises of his people.  When the poor and needy are oppressed times are bad.

God cares for the fatherless, and poor,  the needy.

What answers do we have for such times for us?  We are called to confession and  repentance.
Sort out problems with God.

Sin - People who are evil; people who have evil intent & the proud.

Go to God and praise him.  Worship and honour him.  Do what he says to do.  He will help us.

No matter what our faults,  God is faithful.

We are to love people and bring them to God.  God does the "work" in their lives.

Scripture is about God and His people.  Not about God and this world;  it is a history of God and his people.

Put your life into God's hands, he will look after you.

Go to God not to other people.   Not programs,  but a relationship with God.

Stir each other up to praise God's holy name

People who laugh at you now won't be laughing when the roll is called in heaven and their name is not on it.

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