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Friday, December 12, 2014

Friend of God?

Bible Ref: John 17:4; Luke 19:10; Romans 3:23-25

Hezekiah -  the gold and silver didn't save him.  He went to Isaiah to ask for God's help.  185000+ Assyrians killed by angel.  Why did God help?  Hezekiah and Isaiah were friends of God

We are a friend of God

Jeremiah 31

Jesus fulfilled the Law.
Ceremonial law has been fulfilled
10 commandments still applicable today.  We need to read God's Word

We are not catholic we are not protestant.   We are the people of God!  If I am a friend of God he will help me because I am a friend of Him.

Last words of Jesus were 'It is finished.' (Gospel of John)  (paid in full) Not only did He die He is also the fulfillment of the Law.

Read Scripture.   If your idea doesn't match with scripture then your idea should be chucked out.

Paid in full- all the little bits, hard bits, things we don't remember.   Jesus paid all in full.

God is not interested in the detail of your life,  He is interested in your life.  It's more important that we are a friend of God.   Eg  David

John 17:4 Jesus completed the work for His Father.  Our Father is the God of Truth.  The god of lies is Satan.  We need to make sure we know who our Father is!

Luke 19:10  Jesus came to seek and save the lost.  Why?  Because God wanted his people back.

Romans 3:23 -25  Jesus died on cross to reconcile us to God
We all have a ministry - ministry of reconciliation.   Don't mix up with our gifting.

In OT God spoke through prophets and His word, I  NT he speaks through his Spirit.

We should never go back and redo what Jesus has done.  It is finished. 

When I stand before God do I stand in my own strength or in Jesus?  I want to stand in Jesus!

Galations 3:23-25
Matthew  5:17-18

Why was law given?  A way to show us what's right and wrong.
The law doesn't save you; it leads you to Christ.

The covenant people are the Jews.  That has never changed.

The Church is to go out and show the way to Jesus.

He called us (his people) out to show the way to Jesus.

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