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Tolga Community Church
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Purposes of our Life

Matt 22:37-39

In OT God spoke through His Word and the prophets
In NT God spoke through His Word and the Holy Spirit (now)

1  Worship God  -  Love the Lord your God...worship God Matt 22.37, loving God.  God doesn't just want lip service, but fulfilling these life purposes.

2  Ministry -  Matt 22:39 - loving others.  Love people regardless, even the sand paper people.  

3  Evangelism - Matt 28:19-20 - ethnic groups, make disciples - v19a, Evangelism Individualism has caused so much harm, especially Christians.  How do we go and make disciples?  A disciple is different to a believer.  Satan believes in God.  A disciple is someone who follows Jesus, and has a relationship with Him.  The Holy Spirit is our helper.

4  Fellowship.  Until you taken home as a baby you dont have a family.  Baptism, incorporating people into a family.  A baby becomes part of a family when the mother and father pick the baby and take that child home.  Matt 28:19b  To lead in Church (be a Pastor) the first test is to pass is that you are a father or mother who can lead their children.  Organise your own family, if you can't organise your family, you can't organise the Church.  Check Bible terminology about what leadership terms really are, not 'church' (man made) terms.

5  Matt 28:20  Discipleship.  Older men teach younger men, older women teach younger women.

I am with you always...

God is not into pieces of paper!  Its about relationship.
To celebrate God we have to build relationship with Him each day.

We get inspired by God, and we can inspire.  We are created in the image of God.
Preparation, God will prepare you on how to go about things.

Church exists to demonstrate Gods love    John 13:35  1 John 3:16-23, Rom 12:13
In a family every person is a member, and every person is a minister.  Everyone should feel that they can promote their family. If we treat our 'children'horrible, will they promote that family?  Church.

Every task is worthwhile, important.
Every member is a 10 in some area.
God uses ordinary people!

Not how much we give or gather, but how much we can be involved.

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