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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Remembering Baptism: an act of worship

Mark 1 v 9.   Jesus set the example of how we are to live.

Matt 28.19 to 20
Baptism is not somdthing that can save us, it shows we are a believer
 1 John 2 v3
Surely we want to do what God wants for us
There us a way we do it and dont do it
Baptism should illustrate Jesus death and ressurection.
 1 Cor 15:3-5
Baptism is about demonstrating our new life as a Christian. If our life is just the same as before we were a Christian we need to check our life.
 Rom 6.4
Baptism does not make you a  Christian it shows you already believe. Baptism is the outward symbol of commitment you have made in your heart. Baptism is by immersion.
 Matthew 3 v 16
Baptism is not about duty, its about our response to God.
 Jesus' baptism is very powerful, part of Gods way of doing things.

The word baptise means to dip under water, not to dip in or on water.  Greek means to immerse or dip under.  Baptism is not about Pastor or Church.

Are we ready to be pulled apart and put back together better? There is pain it it,  but God makes us over better
Baptism symbolises a burial and a ressurection
 Acts 2.41
Everyone who is a Christian, should be baptised

 We dont sees things happen because we dont do things Gods way. Its not about being right, if we wait until we are right we will never get baptised
 Baptism is a response. If anyone needs to be baptised there is no need to delay

 Acts 8.35 to 38
 You make a statement to the world, its about His will for your life
Become a son or daughter, grow up!  Be part of the family of God, that is the Church!  If someone is annoying you, here is a thought, you are probably annoying them!  Being in church is about being in family. Become a mature person.  Orphans struggle in life.
As a Christian we should not be an orphan, we are called to be part lf Gods family, on earth it is the church.  The place to start is with baptism, Gods way.

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